Three months until the release of Dark Child Covens Rising

I’m halfway through edits and wanted to let you know that not only will the Dark Child sequel be out in only 3 months (it’s scheduled for a July release, yaaaaay!) but it has a name: Covens Rising. Now there’s a title it feels more real somehow…and it’s the title I chose, too. Sometimes publishers come up with something completely different from the working title you’ve had in mind the entire time you were writing, but this time, they loved the title I came up with.

You may have guessed from my last post that there are witchy things afoot in the sequel, and this confirms it. 🙂

I’ve posted an excerpt from Covens Rising over on my Facebook page here if you can’t wait any longer for a sneak peek. Hoping to have a cover to share very soon. Exciting!

Adina xx

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3 Responses to Three months until the release of Dark Child Covens Rising

  1. Meenal Avudainathan says:

    Hi Adina,

    Firstly thanks for this awesome series. Loved it at every moment while I was reading. I cant wait know what happens next so I am going to ask the question I know I should ask lol but when is the next one coming out?

    Your avid reader,

    • Adina West says:

      Hi Meenal,
      Apologies for not responding sooner! If you’ve already finished the first two books (Dark Child: the Awakening and Dark Child: Covens Rising, or the individual episodes which make them up) then the next title in the Dark Child series is expected to be out next year. I’m working on it right now. 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying the series!


  2. Meenal Avudainathan says:

    Sorry, I meant shouldn’t ask 🙂

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