Release dates for Dark Child: Bloodsworn

Well, the third title in the Dark Child series is well in progress – completed and with the editor as I write. It will be called Dark Child: Bloodsworn, and I’m very happy to have release dates to share with you!

Dark Child-BloodswornMy publisher, Momentum, plan to serialise it as they did with my first two books, and it will also be released as an Omnibus (whole novel) with the episodes recombined for those who prefer to read it all in one go.

Release dates are:

Bloodsworn Episode 1: 3 December 2015
Bloodsworn Episode 2: 10 December 2015
Bloodsworn Episode 3: 17 December 2015
Bloodsworn Episode 4: 31 December 2015
Bloodsworn Episode 5: 7 January 2016

OR for the full version,

Bloodsworn Omnibus version: February 11 2016

If you pop over to my author page on Facebook here, you’ll find plenty of inspiration pics I posted as I was working on this novel in the first half of 2015.

Keep an eye out for teasers from Bloodsworn that I’ll be posting on Facebook too as the release date gets closer. Or just when I can’t bear the suspense any more. IT’S KILLING ME!

Adina xx

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7 Responses to Release dates for Dark Child: Bloodsworn

  1. Sheila Dunn says:

    what happens to Alek? When is the next set of books coming out? From everything I’ve read they will be knock outs! Can’t wait, but will wait patiently for them. Good luck and blessed be!

    • Adina West says:

      Hi Sheila,

      I think we may have already connected by email but I just wanted to apologise for not seeing this comment sooner. And as you may have heard elsewhere, I’m hoping to have a release later in 2017. Thank you so much for your patience and your kind words. 🙂

  2. Dorinda Parks says:

    Feb 2, 2017
    PLEASE, when is more of the Dark Child books going to be out? I’ve been waiting since mid 2016. please give me some kind so response. your devoted fan, Dorinda Parks

    • Adina West says:

      Hi Dorinda,

      I know I’ve replied to your email but apologies for not seeing this comment sooner. Thank you so much for your patience and I hope you love the next book – in progress now!

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi Adina, assuming Bloodsworn 6 is the next book and this is what you are working on now?

  4. Sandy says:

    Sorry for this. I had a typo in my email address of previous comment. My question was is Bloodsworn 6 the next in the series. Not sure what order I have them in. Apologies

    • Adina West says:

      Hi Sandy,

      There won’t be a ‘Bloodsworn 6’ as that novel is completed (5 episodes, as well as an Omnibus version). The next release in the Dark Child world will be a novella, followed by more full-length novels which introduce new characters as well as referencing characters and events you have already read about. Hope that makes things clearer!


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