In the news: changing the way we read with e-book serialisation

My forthcoming novel, Dark Child, recently got a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald – along with the lovely picture of me below – because it’s to be released as a serialised novel, meaning in instalments. The first instalment will be released in February 2013, so not long to go now! The serialisation is a great experiment in reader engagement, and is perfectly suited to the way people read e-books. Great for commuters and busy mums.

The picture of me was taken out on my back patio, and you can see a curling vine coming down in the background, which is my crazy and flower-laden female kiwi-fruit vine. I’m hoping this year I’ll actually get to keep some of the fruit, because last year our (unwelcome) resident possum treated the vine as its personal larder and ate every last one.

Read the full article on Dark Child and e-serialisation at the Sydney Morning Herald site here.

Photo by Wolter Peeters, SMH

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