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News on the next Dark Child title

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Sydney. Early autumn, and after a very hot summer, our rains have arrived in full force. Yes, we wanted rain, but as I listen to my gutters overflow I wonder if we needed quite … Continue reading

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A quick update…

The most common question I get asked – by far – is “What’s next? Will there be more Dark Child? And when?” So let me answer that right away. Yes, I have a few more books planned for this series, … Continue reading

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Release dates for Dark Child: Bloodsworn

Well, the third title in the Dark Child series is well in progress – completed and with the editor as I write. It will be called Dark Child: Bloodsworn, and I’m very happy to have release dates to share with … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Steak Tartare

Today’s post was inspired by a reader of Dark Child: the Awakening who asked me for my thoughts on Steak Tartare. You may remember my character Kat getting a yearning for this when she’s entering her carnivorous frenzy, and can’t … Continue reading

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Three months until the release of Dark Child Covens Rising

I’m halfway through edits and wanted to let you know that not only will the Dark Child sequel be out in only 3 months (it’s scheduled for a July release, yaaaaay!) but it has a name: Covens Rising. Now there’s … Continue reading

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A quick update on the Dark Child sequel…

Well, I’ve had my agent, and my publisher, and a number of you lovely readers all harassing me…and I finished the Dark Child sequel at the beginning of February! It’s now with an editor who is in the process of … Continue reading

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The truth is out – there’s more to come after Dark Child

I’m getting lots of questions about what’s next for Kat, and Alek and Amarok. About whether there’s a sequel to Dark Child (you may have read it as Eps 1-5 or as the Omnibus). The answer is yes! I’ve always … Continue reading

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How Dark Child was born

Dark Child: Episode One will be released to the e-reading world in a matter of days, and I’m feeling excited…and reflective. I’ve just realised it’s a little over four years since I first started writing Dark Child. Four years since … Continue reading

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