A quick update…

The most common question I get asked – by far – is “What’s next? Will there be more Dark Child? And when?”

So let me answer that right away. Yes, I have a few more books planned for this series, all with the same characters (and a few new ones). Dark Child Book 4 doesn’t have a title yet, but I’m writing it now, with the hope that it will be released late in 2016.

And just in case you started the series late, this page has a complete list of all my Dark Child titles.

To make sure you don’t miss news on my new releases, and updates on my work-in-progress, Dark Child ‘inspiration’ pictures and more, you may wish to visit my Facebook page here and hit the ‘like’ button.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far, and thank you for dropping by. 🙂


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